MEDYA KENT Lokasyon: İstanbul / TürkiyeMimari Proje & Tasarım: Gokhan Avcioglu & Alpaslan Ataman & GADProje Ekibi: Nesime Onel, Seda Tugutlu, Mustafa Kemal Kayis, Goksen Gungor, Emre Bilol, Esra Esen, Oguz Emre Bal, Volkan KutalYapı Tipi: Kamusal, Şehir Planlama, Ofis, Deneysel, Ticariİnşaat Alanı: 75000 m2Proje Alanı: 2800000 m2Yapım Yılı: 2017Durum: Planning StageFotoğrafçı: GADÖdüller: 2017 WAFX Smart City Prize, winner 2017 The American Architecture Prize, Winner in Landscape architecture / Urban Planning 2017 AR Future Projects Awards, Jeu d’Esprit Prize
The project aims to combine all the elements of multimedia the industry in one framework, from production to mass distribution, through the logic of software. Central to the design, the creation of media content, and its distribution is just one aspect of the process that Media City will aim to address. In addition to printing offices and warehouses, Media City will have shops for direct end-user purchases, stages and halls for live performances, interactive museums, co-working spaces, and libraries for preservation, schools and workshops for education.. and naturally residential amenities for those who will work and play there.