MEDIA CITY began as a site-specific design for a multimedia-based industrial complex and has evolved into a new method for providing urban planning solutions that could be applied globally as a way to apply cognitive and software-based methods for the planning of cities. GAD’s design for Media City in Istanbul is intended to generate a self-sufficient and sustainable smart city on the outskirts of Istanbul. The design seeks to create a building program related to the Turkish production and distribution of multimedia products, but also to formulate a dynamic and intriguing cultural attraction as well as serving as an example for constructing intelligent city frameworks for the rest of the world.
The project aims to combine all the elements of multimedia the industry in one framework, from production to mass distribution, through the logic of software. Central to the design, the creation of media content, and its distribution is just one aspect of the process that Media City will aim to address. In addition to printing offices and warehouses, Media City will have shops for direct end-user purchases, stages and halls for live performances, interactive museums, co-working spaces, and libraries for preservation, schools and workshops for education.. and naturally residential amenities for those who will work and play there.