Bilim Merkezi Ljubljana Lokasyon: Slovenya / LübliyanaProje Ekibi: Tansel Dalgalı, Burak Paksoy, Seda Tugutlu, Emre Bilol, Beste Dabakoglu, Aylin Degirmen, Can Metin, Volkan KutalYapım Yılı: 2019Durum: Study
The building as landscape topography addressed in the architecture of the Science Center is not only one of scenic value but also proactively creates an experience similar to that found in nature. Walking paths on the upper surfaces comprised of hardscape are designed to encourage exploration of the natural properties of the site. The turns for the path lead to unexpected locations and intriguing views of the surrounding area and beyond. On the uppermost peak of this surface, there are views towards the hills around Ljubljana and at night this promontory position guides visitors to the stars in the night sky. The existing trees are retained in gaps in the surface with new plantings arranged to generate a forest canopy that will change and mutate over time.