Borusan Parkorman Keşif Merkezi Lokasyon: İstanbul / TürkiyeMimari Proje & Tasarım: Gokhan Avcioglu & GADYapı Tipi: Kamusal, İç Mekan, Leisureİnşaat Alanı: 240 m2Proje Alanı: 150 m2Yapım Yılı: 2001Durum: BuiltÖdüller: 2003 Bronze Medal for the Borusan Exhibition Center, Miami Biennale
The plot is sloped and covered by century-old pine trees. The building is positioned as if it has been slotted within the inclination of the site. The position of the pine trees was undisputedly a major factor for shaping the building, ‘’a bit to the right and to the left that’s it…’’ says Gokhan Avcioglu. Could a form of a building can be shaped so easily?….’’ yes ’’ says Avcioglu. The positioning of the ramp access on to the first floor’s terrace was again shaped by the position of the pine trees. Consequently, the ramp had to crawl in between the tree trunks until it reached to the upper terrace. Such site conditions were what Avcioglu was looking for. A building that would shape itself with the help of given conditions of the site.
During the construction, period decisions had to be made rapidly because of a tight deadline foreseen for the construction process. The BMW Expedition Center was completed in just 45 days.