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Academy (Greek: Ἀκαδήμεια; Koine Greek Ἀκαδημία) is an institution of secondary education, higher learning, research, or honorary membership. Academia is the worldwide group composed of professors and researchers at institutes of higher learning.

Pursuing design as a form research raises of questions and phenomena regarding how design is conceptualized, analyzed, and conducted. In GAD Foundation we believe that each design should be unique to its circumstances, users, collaborators and clients. During this studio project students, must demonstrate a depth analysis of the contexts and establish arboresque methodologies to manifest their ideas with a project, because we believe in the power of architecture.

Gad Academy Team

What is GAD Academy?

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GAD Academy’s Exhibition

GAD Academy’s first term ended with an exhibition at the GAD Gallery in Nisantasi. The Academy exhibition featured the projects of the students enrolled in the Academy’s inaugural term.

GAD Academy

Conversation with Aslihan Selin Musaoglu  2:41


GAD Academy

Conversation with Ebru Mert  3:22


GAD Academy

Conversation with Irem Yilmazer 2:03


GAD Academy

Conversation with Sera Su Abac 2:05



WHAT is GAD Academy?

The GAD Academy is a program for architectural education for newly graduated architecture students and young architects that is realised in the offices of Global Architectural Development practice in Istanbul. “Live Project” is the educational format of the GAD Academy.

Why is this the GAD Academy “Live Project” for you?

Live Project recognizes that passion for design has no boundaries and we are focused on building a multidisciplinary mindset and techniques that can be applied to any design field. We aim to prepare the new generation of designers not only to expand their horizons and stay relevant but to thrive and drive progress and change. Our team of educators are all working professionals using these skills in their everyday careers and these are the skills they will be teaching you. Real world skills applicable for real word careers!

What does the GAD Academy “Live Project” offer?

  • Earn a degree accredited and worldwide recognized
  • Master an exclusive design mindset through proven successful methods of accelerated learning
  • Lead design innovation by immersing yourself in the world of multidisciplinary advanced and computational design
  • Become a part of a diverse community with a global network
  • Develop a holistic design ethos and skill-set that can be applied in any design industry
  • Build your own design brand or be the ideal candidate for any advanced or computational design position world wide

What should I expect to learn?

  • Formulating a concrete theoretical frame to support your vision
  • Importance of topology and advantages of procedural modelling and non-destructive reversible workflows
  • Interoperability workflows and optimization of design processes
  • Polygonal Modelling and Sculpting with Maya and ZBrush
  • Nurbs & SubD Modelling with Rhino
  • Computational and generative design with Grasshopper and Houdini
  • Data driven morphing systems
  • Visual Coding
  • Virtualization with VRay and Post-production with Photoshop
  • Creating VR experiences with Unreal Engine
  • Prototyping techniques such as 3D Printing, Laser-cutting, CNC milling, Vacuum forming

Which Software should I expect to learn?

  • Autodesk Maya
  • Pixologic ZBrush
  • Rhinoceros 6.0 /7.0
  • Grasshopper Plugins: Pufferfish, Weaverbird, MeshEdit, Mesh+, Lunchbox, Milepede, Wasp, Quelea, Dendro, Human, Open Nest, Squid, Firefly
  • Houdini
  • VRay
  • Keyshot
  • Adobe Creative Cloud

Do I need previous experience in computational design software to apply?

No previous computational design experience is required. However, prior knowledge in 3D design programs, such as Rhino or/and Maya, is welcome.

Can I be a student in the program and work at the same time?

The program is full-time. Due to the fact that it is online, it allows for some flexibility. Still, full-time employment is discouraged since it’s going to reflect on the student’s performance.

Where is GAD Academy?

GAD Academy is located in Istanbul, Turkey in the office of GAD.

The GAD Foundation Live Project is an annual, full-time experimental noncredit program that will take place at the heart of GAD, GADLab, GADLibrary, and the editorial group.
Within the scope of their experience, we ask participants to transform insights they glean from professionals in the discipline, such as architects, academics, and artists, and turn them into a program of research, self-edification, and action.
By the end of this process, which we call “Live-Project,” participants will be able to reflect on their experiences together with the design teams and reevaluate their prior training in the scope of traditional architectural education. We want participants to undergo a process of self-construction, filling the gaps in their knowledge and realizing their own archeology.


Architect, Founder


Gokhan Avcioglu was born in Ankara, Turkey in 1960. Gokhan Avcioglu completed his education in KSU/BA in Architecture. He is the principal and founder of GAD in Istanbul, established in 1994.

Gokhan Avcioglu was born in Ankara, Turkey in 1960. Gokhan Avcioglu completed his education in KSU/BA in Architecture. He is the principal and founder of GAD in Istanbul, established in 1994.
Among his projects are office buildings, public spaces, commercial spaces and residences in Istanbul, Bodrum, New Jersey, Washington DC, Virginia and Connecticut. Among his most recent award winning projects are Media City, AKH KNDU Villas, KUUM Hotel and Residences, Pınar Logistics Centre, Fish Market and Trump Cadde. A number of his projects have been short-listed for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, including two projects in Kadikoy Park, completed in 1998 and 2004, Yalova Elyaf completed in 2001, and Esma Sultan completed in 2005. Recent awards include 2017 WAFX Smart City Prize, 2017 The American Architecture Prize, 2017 AR Future Projects Awards, Jeu d’Esprit Prize, 2015 Green Good Design, 2014 German Iconic Awards ... Gokhan Avcioglu has been recognized by a number of different publications, including Wallpaper, Surface, City Magazine, NY Times, The New York Post, Transforming Cities - Urban Interventions in Public Cities, Braun Malls and Department stores, Archtekturfuehrer Istanbul, Gestalten Lets go out, Monocle, Architectural Digest, Architectural Record, plus design books such as World Houses Now, Urban Houses and Cafes, Restaurants and Bars, Atlas of Contemporary Architecture, Modern Interiors - Cool Restaurants in Istanbul. Gokhan has also been featured in TV programs, including BBC & Channel 4.Since 2001, Mr. Avcioglu has been conducting studios and seminars at the Ecole Speciale d'Architecture in Paris, Yildiz Technical University and Istanbul Technical University.
Gokhan Avcioglu is a member of, AIA New York Chapter, Chamber of Architects Turkey.
Designer, Curator and Writer


Gokhan Karakus is a designer, curator and writer concentrating on the intersection of design and architecture.

Gokhan Karakus is a designer, curator and writer concentrating on the intersection of design and architecture. Educated in architecture at Vassar College and Columbia University in New York, he later founded Emedya Design in Istanbul Turkey specialising in digital and computational design. Currently his work focuses on design for public space including urban design, environmental graphic design, placemaking and biophilic design. As a writer he has written for Architectural Review, Architects’ Journal, Wallpaper and Detail as well as Editor of Natura magazine on Architecture and Interiors in Natural Stone. He currently teaches visual design and architecture at Medipol University in Istanbul and previously was lecturer and guest critic at architecture and design schools such as Istanbul Technical University, Pratt Institute School of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design, Politecnico di Milano, Kadir Has University and Abdullah Gul University. He has curated exhibitions on design and architecture at venues such as London Design Fair, London Design Festival, ArchMoscow, Venice Architecture Biennial, Istanbul Design Week and Istanbul Design Biennial.

Gokhan’s recent on health/wellness design, craft and digital fabrication with material such as stone and ceramic concentrating on complex structure and geometry. He also curates, writes and speaks on trends, strategy and history in Architecture and Design.


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