GAD Foundation

Since 2011, the GAD Foundation has brought architecture professionals and students together to discuss and plan issues related to architecture, design, society, education, and the environment.
Founded by the Istanbul-based architectural practice Global Architecture Development, GAD, led by Gokhan Avcioglu, the GAD Foundation brings together science, art, design, and engineering.
The team initiates workshops, internships, exhibitions, student exchange programs, and book publishing in Turkey and globally, connecting key figures in architecture with students and the broader society.
The GAD Foundation is a platform open to new members and supporters interested in developing the foundation’s goal to improve architecture and our built environment.


“Our journey started with a sole vision. After 35 years of
practice, we have grown from tens to hundreds of architecture students, designers, and the collaboration of other professionals from the construction and built environment. From workshops to partnerships, a single person practice has now become a fully-fledged philharmonic orchestra. We were limited, anonymous, and private but now we celebrate the achievements of our foundation. I’d like to show my gratitude towards all those who have been a part of this voyage, for putting their hard work into our practice, helping to teach us while learning themselves and leaving an imprint
on us. A special thank you to those who have believed in our strengths and selected us to make their dreams come to life.”


Gokhan Avcioglu

Founder of GAD Foundation

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