A modular sculptural installation, designed by award-winning Istanbul and New York based architectural practice GAD Architecture, has been recently featured in Istanbul’s famous Taksim Square during Istanbul Design Week. Being the site of the Gezi Park protests in May 2013, Taksim Square is considered as one of the most politically important locations in Turkey’s modern history and controversial plans for its pedestrianisation are still being subject to national debate. GAD Architecture has developed a highly experimental approach, which led the practice to embrace the latest technological advancements. Using Stefan Wolfram’s software "Mathematica”, 3D printing technology played a crucial role in the conception and design process of the Serra Gate, where the final geometry has been converted into an urban furniture. Featuring lightweight steel horizontal bearers and vertical panels, the angular organisation of the structural elements amplifies the focal point of the gate. The structure has been inspired by the work of the American minimalist sculptor Richard Serra, known for his ground-breaking sculptures, which explore the exchange between artwork, site, and viewer. Serra Gate is primarily defined as a piece of construction. GAD Architecture team looked into the structural pieces that have an artistic value in their nature. The aim of the installation was to create inspiration through constructional interfaces. GAD Principal, Gokhan Avcioglu's comments about the installation were; "we are delighted that Serra Gate has been featured in Taksim, one of the most important squares in Istanbul. Being a ground-breaking structure, Serra Gate will make the residents of Istanbul question how public spaces have been defined by urban interventions.” Serra Gate will be displayed in a variety of venues throughout the year 2015. See pictures of this amazing structure, after the break.