The workshop"Parametric Algorithmic Approaches in Architecture” has been held on the 10th and 11th of April 2015 at Bahçeşehir University and is the result of a productive collaboration between the Faculty of Architecture and Design and GAD Foundation. The first day, for the opening of the workshop, Gökhan Avcıoğlu gave a lecture, open to all the students about trends in contemporary architecture and GAD studio’s architectural and urbanistic projects. During the conference students, had the possibility to ask questions and clarify their doubts about parametric approaches in architecture, thus transforming the lecture into a more informal and fruitful coversation with the architect.  
A group of about 30 students had been selected for participating in the second day of the workshop. In the morning two specific lectures were given to the students in order to help them to get into the subject: the first one by İlker Vardarlı, co-founder of 3Durak, a start-up project which deals with mechatronic , about the possible uses of 3D printer, the second by Gökhan Çatikkaş, from GAD Architecture, about parametric approaches in design and architecture. After the lectures the students were divided into groups of three people and invited to work on a possible urban furniture design, to be located on the Bosphorus side walk, using a parametric approach: the required outcomes were diagrams and drawings and a physical model which could explain the idea. The students worked the afternoon with the supervision of Emir Drahsan and Gökhan Çatikkaş, GAD Foundation, and Professor Ece Ceylan Baba, from Bahçeşehir Faculty of Architecture, who also were part of the jury who rated the outcomes at the end of the day. The students  worked worked hard, using the knowledge they learned at the lecture and their prior experience, teaching them to push their ideas. The designs were all different and each presented one or more innovative element. Even the students who were completely new to the subject were able to apply parameters into their concept. At the end of the day certificate of attendance had been given to all the students together with a small guide book about some of GAD Architecture projects.