GAD has been producing standard and non-standard projects in research and concept design in Europe since 1994. We believe that current architecture and urbanism are influenced by media, culture, technological innovations, consumer habits and how these factors affect the builded environment at different scales. Architecture is a practice relies on understanding historical architecture movements as well as research and experimentation. GAD is continuously finding new ways to combine these issues in compelling and thought-provoking ways. The most powerful image of the urban architecture of the memory effect is revealed in all of the architectural structure of the facade. Facades are stronger mostly with reference to the past and/or the future. GAD projects'  facades are categorized in accordance with a curatorial approach in consultation with Alpaslan Ataman, young architects and interns. Each arrival together, makes a unique experience with a new composition. Facade images surrounding structures are constructed entirely experimental and random makes viewer face to face with a uniqueness. Because of the standard layouts contain intensely symmetry on their own, all of the unique random symmetrical compositions become an interface between architects and the city. This makes re-design structures possible for new interactions in different ways. Physical and cultural needs in the concept of the building types produced in different periods decompose or converge at some point with this non-standard and standard organization. This work is extremely exciting for GAD that is delivered  on the experiences of  young architects without following any structural language. Reproducing the facades is undoubtedly very important mind-expanding opportunity for remembering the 25 years projects once again. We use every tool of architecture such as models, drawings, 3d printing to present our work.