2014 Fast Company Innovation by Design This was the second annual of  "Innovation by Design" by Fast Company. It brings many of the best brands from all fields that are succesful and innovative.  Fast Company Innovation by design starts at the early time of the day and goes till the end where many innovation, technology has been discussed by Companie's head designers, entraprenours, architects, communication experts, technology experts and artist, that how the innovation evolution will be like. (Companies such as; Nike, 3-D Printer brand Makerbot, Dyson, Ralph Lauren, Coca-cola etc.) The most focused issues were timing and accuracy on innovation. Also, how new energy sources will be adaptated to our life,  since other sources are running out. The company Biolite emphasized to the processing energy with its new product and catch many attentions. Basicly its a portable camp heater works with burning but in the meantime it can produce decent electricity with the heat. On the other hand, Madwell presented its system design on using "installed solar panels" on the roof top of the buildings which one more showed a great way to alternative clean energy. Tony Fadell, designer for Nest Thermostat and Ex-Apple Designer, was in the event. He was emphasizing on how important is the green and recycleable energy can be used on architecture field.                    

Post Disaster Urban Interim Housing This project was a prototipe made for a quick sorvival solution for people who loose their houses on in case of any disasters in New York Brooklyn area. Post Disaster Urban Interim Housing was completely made modular and all details are calculated for the most crytical conditions. It took six years to design the project by Garrison Architects. The most attention catching part of the project is that, the whole system can be set up in under fifteen hours. Ferry Terminal Newyork The terminal made by the architectural firm "KVA" and the project started on the begining of the 2000. However , it got stopped after Sept 9, 2001 terrorist attack in New York, but finalized after completely. The main purpose was the connect main transit lines such as, bus, subway and bikes. On the following times the whole project retouched for only participating in 34th St. Area. The roof has been engineered by a German company and has almost been tailored fit by a material called PTFE(Teflon coded fabric, very durable material for all time weather) The light system works according to people movements on the terminal. Safety , Securith and comfort were the main focus of this project. Ferry Terminal New York on 34th St. Area, didn't get seriously damaged during the 2012 storm and still functions in perfect condition.