Young Architects Competition

This international competition calls on young architects from around the world to envision a new natural environment based on living in forests and amongst trees with the tree house dwelling as the focus. The “Tree House Park” competition seeks to extend design insight into architecture embedded and in harmony with the natural world with trees and tree habitation as the focus of ecological design. The competition organized by the Istanbul based GAD Foundation in cooperation with Ege Yapi, and Casper Computer, is open to all young architects who seek to explore the ecological possibilities of architecture for the 21st century. The competition is set in Istanbul, Turkey, in a forested area in the district of Cekmekoy, a low density residential zone on the Asian side of the city. It is home to 265,000 of Istanbul’s 15.5 million residents and has witnessed rapid urban growth in the 2000s and 2010s. Cekmekoy is today a mix of low and high-density housing but also contains natural areas with wildlife and indigenous forest. The “Tree House Park” competition seeks designs for architecture in this mix of built and natural environment. The competition calls for projects to envision architecture for a tree house as well as urban life embedded within trees. We seek proposals for design ideas for a tree house and the surrounding forested area in the rich potential of the forest as a social and activity zone for a neighboring residential property and community.
This competition proposes generation of architectural ideas for tree houses and also for different activities for a forested area that could also be suitable for implementation in protected green areas throughout the city as an example of the conversation of nature within cities.